Pam Davis, LMT, RYT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher

Testimonials  Thank you for sharing your kind words, my heart is truly touched and overflowing with an abundance of gratitude and inspiration. Namaste, Pam

I love your style of teaching (yoga), you have such a gentle and kind spirit that comes across in your class.  In addition, you have amazing energy and a healing touch.  It's a comforting thing to know we have people like you in our world.... Thanks for all that you do...  --Michelle, 40ish

I am fortunate to have received numerous massages from Pam. I have utilized her skills for both an injury, as well as for relaxation. No matter what issues are present, Pam knows what is needed to correct the problem. I have felt the strength of Pam's hands during deep tissue work, yet there is always the soft-natured, kind-hearted, gentle side of her that is felt during her massage. She is in-tune to a person's needs during massage therapy, and leaves one feeling comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Pam's strong work ethic, knowledge, professionalism, and her willingness for growth makes her a very unique and highly regarded massage therapist in the area. Her caring, nurturing, and open mindedness makes her a truly remarkable person. The combination of all her attributes is very noticeable and makes anyone she comes in contact with feel comfortable and at ease. --Sue, office manager, 36

It was easy to feel the compassionate sprit of intent coming from Pam that made me feel welcome and confident that I was in for a pleasant experience in my first yoga class. After settling on to my mat and class began, I was lead to a state of relaxed focus by her instructions delivered with her voice. As important as the instruction was, I found that her tone, volume and delivery was extremely affective in calming my mind, relaxing my body and educing a heightened sense of awareness to my breath, my posture and sense of peace one can have "staying in the moment". Her use of subtle aromas, gentle assistance in postures and personal attention guide the class seamlessly through ninety minutes of postures that can be as challenging as you want to make them. After the class was over, I felt a strong sense of appreciation from my body, mind and spirit for having taken the time to nurture them. --Chuck, 43

It seems Pam raises the bar on her massage therapy technique everytime I'm fortunate enough to gift myself a massage! From the moment you speak to Pam, her ethereal manner immediately begins to relax you even before the massage comes into being. Individual attention is given at each session to modify the massage therapy so that your request for various problem areas are addressed. Pam is truly the best in her profession. You will absolutely love your relaxing and therapeutic massage experience with her. --Renee', Teacher DCPS, 46

I had been to many different massage therapist in the Jax area, with no luck in finding the right therapist for me, until I met Pam! She is very knowledgable, highly skilled, and awesome at what she does! I recommend her to everyone I know. --Debbie, realtor, 54

Extraordinary! Pam's healing hands, kind heart, gentle spirit, and soft voice... ahhh... Getting massge from Pam quiets my mind, eases my spirit, and makes my body feel fantastic! --Tom, business owner, 48

Pam seems to have a natural God-given gift. Thank you Pam for all the many ways in which you and the work you do have helped me. --Mark, management, age 42

Yoga has changed my life - mind, body and spirit! I feel better than I have ever felt. I am extremely flexible and strong. In regard to massage, Pam is the best! --Patty, homemaker, age 41

Yoga is great for athletes. It gets your arms, legs, and feet all stretched and loose so you can run, hit, kick, and jump. Sometimes I can even get in a nap during relaxation.--Nick, student and soccer player, age 11

I first came to know Pam as a wonderful massage therapist. Her healing hands gave me relief from chronic neck and back pain. Participating in her yoga classes for well over a year has helped me to become physically stronger and more flexible. Yoga got me off the couch and gave me a sense of well being that is priceless. Thank you Pam !!! --
Darlene, homemaker, 52

After my first massage with Pam, I walked out saying "this must be what it will feel like in Heaven!" What a true spiritual gift Pam has been given. I have had back problems since I was 25 and Pam's yoga classes really helped my entire body. I just can't say enough about the benefits of the stretching that we do in the classes. When I have gotten lazy about attending yoga, my body lets me know! --Rosemary, homemaker, age 51