Pam Davis, LMT, RYT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher

What is Zakti-Tula?
Zakti-Tula is Sanskrit and translates toEnergy-Balance
The intention of Zakti-Tula is to offer an open and balanced energy flow in the body, mind, and spirit, using a sequence of 'therapist friendly' techniques.  Drawing from my 20 years experience in massage and yoga therapy, we will include ROM, traction, energy work, and guided breathing and relaxation techniques, among others.  This modality offers tremendous opportunity for healing.  We will also learn ways to integrate these techniques into other massage modalities. 

Please join us for this informative and fun workshop!

Some of the benefits include:

- Stress Reduction and Relaxation
     - Physical Healing for Illnesses and Disease
     - Relief from Depression and Anxiety
     - Reduction of Pain
     - Increased Immune Function
     - Boosted Healing Response
     - Cessation of Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
     - Enhanced Energy Levels throughout the Day
     - Increased Work Productivity and Focus
     - Increased awareness of Body, Mind, and Spirit connection
     - Increased self-acceptance and self-awareness